Our Clients

The ideal client establishing a relationship with Financial Results Group is seeking professional advice about the creation of a customized and comprehensive financial plan including retirement income and estate distribution planning. 

The ideal client understands they may lack the knowledge and training to create their own comprehensive financial plan, the time to monitor their plan on a regular basis, or the time to coordinate all aspects of their financial plan.  They understand the value of a strong relationship with a trusted financial advisor.

The goal of Financial Results Group is to simplify the financial planning process for our ideal clients by designing and monitoring solutions that allow our clients to spend their time in more self-fulfilling ways.  Through this process, long term trusting relationships are built with people who choose to become clients.

Qualities of an “Ideal” Client:

  • Desires to have a comprehensive financial plan customized for their individual goals and objectives.
  • Recognizes the value of a disciplined approach to planning by following action steps outlined in their plan.
  • Values a partnership with their professional advisors.
  • Communicates openly and readily with advisor and staff.
  • Understands financial planning success requires a mutually accountable relationship.
  • Maintains a positive and respectful attitude with advisor and staff.
  • Respects the time and experience of the advisor and staff.
  • Has the resources and is willing to pay for financial planning and advice.
  • Openly and willingly introduces other like-minded people to FRG and makes appropriate introductions.